Last wedding season saw the rise of soft blush tone, vintage lace and rustic touches, all helping to add to and create thousands of stunning special days. But, as with all things, wedding trends keep on evolving. It’s one thing to keep up to date with the trillion Pinterest boards, bridal websites and the latest celebrity fads, let alone getting a head start! So we’re lending a hand and are here to shed some light on some of the industries projected wedding trends that are soon to grace us with their presence – here’s what we expect to see in the coming year.



We saw the loose and natural trend start last year, but this year it gets bigger and better! For a super elegant, but a natural and beautifully effortless look, opt for an unstructured floral design.  We are predicting a return to the classically romantic of ages past: ‘old-world’ flowers, trailing foliage… more and more foliage, and just a hint of organic – think berries, feathers, herbs.

House of Lucie

Tropix Photography

Tropix Photography



Yes, it’s more on floral… But 2016 is looking to be the year of flowers (trust me, we could dedicate this whole page to floral if we got too carried away!). We’ll keep it nice and sweet – always add more!!! The era of soft, feminine and subtle floral touches is being pushed aside for innovative and adventurous high floral design. This year’s trend will see the boom of floral installations – structures such as hanging floral features, flower walls and floral structures. Currently there is an emphasis on an abundance of foliage with subtle hints and touches of wild flowers naturally placed – think of an enchanted, elegant and whimsical atmosphere surrounded by nature.

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Flower Hut Whitsundays



Expect to see an uprising of the shimmer this year! Warming rose golds, coppers, golds and silvers will become the prominent colour choice. From the bridesmaid dresses, to wedding stationary, to styling accents – it is all about metallic finishes and warming brightness. Careful not to go overboard and let’s keep the glitter and sequins to a minimum (although who doesn’t love the statement sequinned bridesmaid dresses or table overlays?!) – subtle mixes of metals, matt and gloss finishes, set against a neutral colour palette – minimal touches and hints can create a maximum effect!

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Beautiful Weddings Whitsundays

Anna Dutton Couture



The relentless demand for all things digital are even beginning to infiltrate weddings. Traditional wedding invitations are being replaced or complimented by wedding websites and for our techno savy brides-to-be they can opt for a website design that matches their style from day one, including the usual information of where and when but also special touches like your ‘love story’, local tours and attractions, accommodation options and ‘meet the bridal party’ pages. There will be a continuing emphasis on the hashtag for ultimate memory sharing, and perhaps even the welcoming of the ‘Selfie Station’ to replace our loved Photo Booth. The age of digital, social media, and basically ‘what the kids call it these days’, is being ushered in!



… Enough said…



Whilst we do love that big, traditional, fairy-tale wedding, we are firm advocates for the intimacy that comes with a smaller wedding, or hey, even an elopement! Rather than worrying about so or so’s second cousin twice removed, or you parent’s work colleagues, ditch the large guest list and jet-set off, or hide away, somewhere truly special with your nearest and dearest. This is becoming an ever growing trend for those couples that want to keep it simple, sweet but oh-so-heart-warmingly-beautiful!

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‘Foodie’ and ‘Wino’ couples are having their say and beginning their own trend in the standards set by their catering choices. Fresh and innovative ideas to keep guests stomach’s satisfied are becoming increasingly in demand and couples are now focusing on locally bought ingredients and a ‘fine dining’ gourmet experience – fresh, organic menu’s that are custom designed to suit the couples own tastes and range from tasty tapas to a full degustation (too many courses to count – yum!) menus. Couples are getting creative with their unique culinary flair and concepts such as live oyster shucking, gelato carts, dessert bars and cocktail stations add a certain pizzazz and keep those mouths watering and tummy’s full!

Peach & Pear Catering

Fish D’vine

Fish D’vine

My Rainbow Bakery


These seem to be just a few of the many up-coming trends that are due to hit your ‘must-have’ wedding daydreams. Be sure to keep an eye out for all of our ‘We Love’ suggestions, ideas and musings for further wedding day inspiration…


Feature image courtesy of Vintage Kiss Bar-a-Van