Qiret and Alex’s Dream Whitsunday Wedding Suppliers

Ceremony Venue: Peninsula Airlie Beach
Post-Ceremony Canapes: Fish D’vine
Reception Venue: Peppers Pavilion
Celebrant: Annie Lloyd-Lewis
Photographer: Tropix Photography
Stylist: I Do Events Whitsundays
Flowers: Flower Hut
Hair: Whitsundays Wedding Hair Lounge
Makeup: Joanne Dromgold
Cake: Whitsunday Baked Creations
Transport: Whitsundays 2 Everywhere (guests)
Transport: Shuttle Limo (bride and groom)
Transport: Air Whitsunday
Accommodation: Peninsula
Entertainment: Client iPod

Alex and Qiret first met while working in sunny Hammersmith in London around 7 years ago. Alex’s eyes nearly popped out his head when he first saw Qiret. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he made it his absolute priority to speak to her as much as possible, using every reason under the sun! After some time, he managed to woo his tropical princess and the couple started dating. She had never met a man who could make her laugh so much, she was in stitches and loved every minute with him – they were are still are totally inseparable!

They quickly moved into their flat in Clapham where they set up a home. By this point they already knew they would be spending their lives together and as this would be their first of many homes together – Alex proposed to Qiret there. They also added a cat to their small family, I should mention that their cat has also made the journey over to Australia with them! They decided to move to Australia while they are still young and child-free, to have another adventure together and experience this way of live. They have laughed, loved and grown together and in January committed themselves to each other for the rest of their lives.

Why did you choose the Whitsundays as your wedding destination?

As we are both from London we knew the wedding would be a small and intimate occasion so we were able to choose quality over quantity. We were both very much in agreement that the Whitsundays is one of the most beautiful places in the world and would provide the perfect backdrop to our special day.

How long did you stay in the Whitsundays and did you do any other activities whilst here?

All our family and friends came to Whitsundays a few days before the wedding, so we could spend quality time with everyone and get more and more excited for the big day! We wanted to spend as much time with everyone as possible.

Some guests went to Daydream Island and some went fishing the day after the wedding so we were lucky enough to have a big meal with everyone, eating their catch of the day!

Did your wedding have a theme or a particular style? Please give details if possible.  

We wanted a simple but beautiful wedding as the natural backdrop is stunning so we didn’t need to go overboard! I chose coral, gold and ivory as the colour which complimented the turquoise sea and white sand. The reception was decorated with fairy lights, flowers and bunting with sweet soul music playing in the background, it was perfect!

Where did you have your ceremony?

The ceremony took place in the grounds of the Peninsula over looking the Coral Sea. Given that Alex’s parents are from South London, they had never seen anything as stunning as this. We then flew all our guests in two sea planes to Whitehaven beach to the white sand where we had champagne and pictures on the beach. Debbie was fantastic and make us feel so comfortable! We love the natural pictures that she took to capture a perfect day.

Where did you have your reception?

We had the reception at Peppers Airlie Beach Resort, the food and service was absolutely amazing.

Tell us a little more about your dress, suits and flowers.

I had the wedding dress tailor made as I always knew what I wanted. It was a cream ivory colour with a sweetheart neckline, with a beaded corset. It also had a slight spilt on one side of the dress, it made sense as it was such a hot day!

Alex wore a beige waistcoat and trouser combination, with a white shirt and coral tie to match the wedding colours! He also had a cute little button hole to match Qiret’s bouquet.

The wedding flowers were colourful! I decided on a large bouquet of coral, white and pink flowers for a colourful pop! My bridesmaid had the same colours too that matched her dress perfectly.

What was the highlight of your wedding?

This sounds like a cliché but the whole day was even better than we imagined! We were worried about the weather as the Whitsundays can be very stormy in January and as typical poms we weren’t aware of this before booking the wedding!   If it had of rained the day would have been a washout and our guests wouldn’t have been able to sample the Whitsundays by air which would have been a shame. We were lucky enough to have a sunny and rain free day, a perfect day for a wedding!

What’s your best advice for other brides / grooms?

Qiret wishes to re-live this day, everyday, for the rest of our lives! So our only advise is to enjoy and cherish every moment and not to stress about any of the those little things that seem big in the build up. Also to take 5 minutes out of your big day, just the two of you and soak it all up.

In hindsight is there anything you wish you had known before the big day?

To be honest there isn’t, we had Jess from The Wedding Planners Whitsundays as our planner and she was outstanding in setting the day up and we felt very confident going into the day.