96% of couples leave choosing their wedding music until the very last minute… as in the week before the wedding… meaning stress factor 10! Music selection is tough, you want to pick the perfect songs that capture exactly what you mean to one and another, but it shouldn’t be stressful.

Now we’re not going to sit here and rattle off a list including “At Last”, “Cannon in D”, or “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, because let’s face it, these songs are on every other suggested wedding playlist known to man. {DISCLAIMER: We LOVE all of these songs, along with anything Ed Sheran, “All of Me”, and the trendy Sam Smith; we just want to give you something other than what you can already find online}.

Instead, here’s 5 tips on how to go about choosing your wedding music, along with a few not so common, but super fab wedding worthy songs.


TIP #1 Be true to you!

Love James Blunt or Michael Buble, well than don’t hesitate to include love ballads from start to finish.  Die hard ACDC fans, great, go with it!

True story, a previous couple chose ACDC’s ‘Highway to Hell’ for the background music on their photo slideshow – the best part was, it suited them both to a T.


Russ Benning Photography

TIP #2 There’s an app for that!

Check out different stations on Pandora or Spottify. Acoustic cover stations are definitely not to be missed, especially if you are looking for a twist on a popular song.

The ‘radio’ option is a hidden gem too! Just pop in a song or artist you like and Pandora or Spottify will play similar songs. Use the thumbs up or down when listing to further customise what Pandora/Spottify plays, and who knows you could end up hearing the perfect aisle song!



TIP #3 Defy tradition!

Are you and your fiancé in love with an upbeat song that would otherwise be perfect for walking down the aisle? Well go ahead and use it! We’re not saying you need to dance down the aisle, but we all know how well a pop hit worked for this couple turned internet sensation…



TIP #4 Share the love!

Do you have completely different music tastes to your other half and up until now this indifference was irrelevant? Well from now on you’ll be sharing most everything else, so why not start by sharing the choices of songs to be played!

Split the list of your key wedding songs in half, write down your choices and then swap with your partner. So long as neither of you are greatly opposed to any of the songs noted, embrace the different styles and know guests will appreciate the mix up, not to mention the true reflection of the two of you.


Tropix Photography

TIP #5 Do it together!

Choosing music can be one of the best parts of wedding planning – it doesn’t cost anything, it’s best done over a bottle of wine/few beers, it can take you down memory lane, and it will usually get you and your hubby-to-be up dancing together. So hit shuffle on your iTunes and enjoy the selection process together!



Still stuck for ideas?
Here’s a short list of wedding worthy songs to get you thinking…

Just Say Yes – Snow Patrol 

XO – Beyonce 

Say Hey (I Love You) – Michael Franti & Spearhead

Unbroken Promise – Erick Barker

All I Need – Air

Hearts on Fire – Passenger

I Do – Colbie Caillat

I Belong in Your Arms – Chairlift

Love on Top – Beyonce

The Summer – Josh Pyke

Feature image courtesy of Studio Impressions